Visit The Hole N” The Rock…

A most unique home, carved out of a huge rock in Utah’s Canyonlands Country. This historic 5,000 square foot home and unusual gift shop and trading post are open all year. Take a guided tour of the home, and appreciate the rich history within it’s walls.

  • 12 minute guided tours of the world-famous Hole N” the Rock House
  • Exotic zoo features Camel, Watusi, Albino racoon and more!
  • The largest collection of Lyle Nichols metal/art sculptures
  • Antique tools, vintage neon signs, mining equipment and unusual time era pieces
  • Hole N” the Rock Store: One of a kind souvenirs, t-shirts and memorabilia
  • The Trading Post: locally made Native American pottery, jewelry, dream catchers and unique gifts for everyone
  • The General Store: ice cream, drinks, and memorabilia of all types
  • Birthday parties…..come out and feed the animals
  • Find Big Foot and Mater
  • Penny Stretcher Machines with 6 designs

Moab’s Most Famous Roadside Attraction